My current research interests include:

If someone asked me, “Hey Drew, what are the most representative papers of your past, present, and future research?”. I’d give them a list of the following:

Abney, D.H., Warlaumont, A. S., Oller D. K., Wallot, S., & Kello, C. T. (2017). Multiple coordination patterns in infant and adult vocalizations. Infancy. PDF

Borjon, J., Abney, D.H., Smith, L.B., Yu, C. (2018). Developmentally changing attractor dynamics of manual actions with objects in late infancy. Complexity. Open Access Equal Contribution.

Abney, D.H., Paxton, A., Kello, C.T., & Dale, R. (2014). Complexity matching in dyadic conversation. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. PDF

Abney, D.H., Dale, R., Louwerse, M.M., Kello, C. T. (2018). The bursts and lulls of multimodal interaction: Temporal distributions of behavior reveal differences between verbal and non-verbal communication. Cognitive Science. PDF

Please drop a line if you are interested in these topics and want to talk more about ideas, hypotheses, data/code, etc. I am starting to increase my open science practice. Check out my github and OSF contributions. More to come!